The Importance of a Ceasefire and Peace Negotiations in Resolving the Ukrainian Crisis, According to Chinese Vice President Han Zheng

Chinese Vice President Calls for Ceasefire and Peace Negotiations in Ukraine Crisis


Chinese Vice President Han Zheng said that the only solution to the crisis in Ukraine is a ceasefire and the start of peace negotiations.

Communication and Dialogue

Han Zheng said during the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday: “Communication and dialogue are considered an important means of achieving international security cooperation. This is the case with the two conflicting parties.”

Ceasefire and Peace Negotiations

He continued: “A ceasefire and the start of peace negotiations are the only way to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. China supports all efforts aimed at a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis and will continue to play a constructive role in achieving peace as quickly as possible.”

Interconnected Security Issues

He noted that the security issues of different countries are interconnected, adding: “We must take into account the reasonable security interests of all countries and resolve differences peacefully through dialogue and consultation.”

China’s Vision for Settlement

It is noteworthy that earlier China presented its vision of a settlement in Ukraine, which includes 12 points, including a ceasefire.


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