The Future of the Sharpwin Relationship on New Amsterdam : What Happened in the Final Season and What’s Next for Max and Helen?

The Future of the Sharpwin Relationship on “New Amsterdam”

NEW AMSTERDAM — “Unfinished Business” Episode 417 — Pictured: (l-r) Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin — (Photo by: Will Hart/NBC)

What Happens to Max and Helen in the Final Season?

Fans of the hit television show “New Amsterdam” have been enamored with the captivating relationship between Dr. Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold, and Dr. Helen Sharpe, portrayed by Freema Agyeman. Known popularly as “Sharpwin,” this fan-favorite couple has taken viewers on a rollercoaster ride throughout the show’s five-season run, facing numerous challenges together that have tested their bond time and again. As the series concluded its final season in January 2023, fans have eagerly awaited the arrival of the show on Netflix, which has recently made it available for streaming. Now, more than ever, viewers are curious to know what the future holds for Sharpwin, and whether their love story will continue to captivate audiences around the world.

What Happens to Max and Helen in the Final Season?

In the season four finale of the medical drama series, New Amsterdam, a major plot twist occurred that left fans in shock. After struggling with her feelings for Dr. Max Goodwin, the hospital’s medical director, Helen Sharpe made the difficult decision to leave him at the altar and move to London for a new job opportunity. This marked the end of their romantic relationship and left many Sharpwin shippers disappointed. Freema Agyeman, who portrayed the character of Helen Sharpe, exited the show after season 4, which required the writers to come up with a fitting conclusion to her storyline. The departure of Agyeman’s character from the show was a significant loss for the series, as she played a pivotal role in the hospital’s operations and was a fan favorite. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and the writers found a way to wrap up her storyline while keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

Max’s New Love Interest

Throughout season 5, Max goes through a lot of emotional turmoil and finds comfort in a new relationship with Dr. Elizabeth Wilder, played by Sandra Mae Frank. As the season progresses, their connection deepens and they start to envision a future together. However, the series finale of the show, which has left fans with mixed emotions, doesn’t give a clear indication of what happens between Max and Dr. Wilder. The ending leaves their relationship in a state of ambiguity, leaving fans to speculate about what could have happened between the two characters.

With him giving [Elizabeth] the keys to New Amsterdam, they’re clearly not, at this moment, together. He’s going off to Geneva with his daughter. They’re still in love with each other, but the future is ambiguous, and we wanted to leave with that tone.

Max and Elizabeth’s relationship is a complex one, as it is clear that they still have strong feelings for each other. However, their romantic future is uncertain as Max prepares to embark on a new chapter in his life, accepting a job with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. They must navigate the challenge of maintaining a long-distance relationship, with all the obstacles that come with it. As the story unfolds, the audience is drawn in as they follow the two characters’ journey and are left to ponder whether their love can withstand the test of distance and time, and whether they will ultimately reunite in the future.


“New Amsterdam” fans may have been disappointed with the unresolved fate of Sharpwin, but the series’ captivating storyline made up for it. The chemistry between Max and Helen, as well as Max’s growing relationship with Elizabeth, kept viewers hooked throughout the series. As the fifth season of the show arrives on Netflix, fans can still enjoy the love and connection between these beloved characters. Although Max’s romantic future is uncertain, the finale leaves the possibility of a reunion and a renewed love in the future. The show’s writers did a great job of exploring the complexities of the characters’ relationships and the challenges they faced both personally and professionally. Additionally, the series tackled important social issues, such as healthcare and racial inequality, in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Overall, “New Amsterdam” is a must-watch for those who enjoy a good medical drama with heart and substance.

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