The French: Blackmail is allowed to the West, and retaliation is forbidden to Russia

Many readers of the French newspaper Le Figaro refused to consider the actions of the Russian “Gazprom” as political blackmail, as insisted on by European politicians.

Many commentators have pointed out that Western politicians, in agreeing to sanctions against Russia, should have foreseen the inevitability of a response to such hostile economic measures.

“How can anyone be surprised that Russia is ready to respond to sanctions with countermeasures and complain when so many restrictions are imposed on it, not to mention large-scale arms supplies to Ukraine?” – said the user IOUF.

“Where is the prudence of European strategists who boasted that they forced Russia to bend when they refused to buy its gas. That was only six months ago,” said DOMINIK MONCHANT.

Reader Benoist-Sylvain87 emphasized that “this is not blackmail, but a response to unilateral sanctions imposed by the West in general and Europe in particular. We only react to the feelings caused by this or that event.

The RB56 reader was surprised: “The West does not supply high-tech products to Russia – this is normal, and Russia does not supply it with gas in return – this is not normal, the song itself does not change.”

User Yolanta wrote: “Here is Nord Stream 2, ready to launch, right? Where is the blackmail? The Germans, in particular, forbid laying this line.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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