The Film Sentinel: A Hit on Amazon Prime Video in France, Thanks to Jonathan Cohen’s Captivating Performance

The film Sentinel is a hit on Amazon Prime Video in France

Released exclusively on September 8, the film Sentinel has quickly claimed the number one spot in France on Amazon Prime Video. This detective comedy revolves around François Sentinelle, played by Jonathan Cohen, who leads a double life as a police officer and a talented singer. However, when a crime wave hits, he finds himself torn between his passion for music and his commitment to justice.

Divided Opinions on the Film

While the film has gained popularity, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm. Some viewers believe that the humor revolving around the main character is dragged out and heavy, making it difficult to fully enjoy. It seems that being a true fan of Jonathan Cohen is a prerequisite for appreciating the film till the end. AlloCiné, a popular film review platform, gave it a score of 2.3/5 based on viewer ratings. However, Le Figaro’s editorial staff gives the film a perfect score of 5/5, describing it as a thrilling experience with captivating investigations, action-packed scenes, and memorable punchlines. Le Dauphiné Libéré also praises the film and emphasizes its excellence, particularly for fans of Jonathan Cohen.

Jonathan Cohen: The Key to Success

Jonathan Cohen plays a pivotal role in the success of the film. His dedicated fan base contributes to the film’s popularity, and his performance is seen as a major highlight. His talent shines through, making the whole experience enjoyable for his fans.

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