The European Central Bank hopes that wholesale gas prices in the eurozone will remain at the level of 2022

In its new forecasts, the European Central Bank sets the average wholesale gas price in the Eurozone for 2023 at 124 euros per MWh, compared to 123 euros in 2022.

According to the expectations of the eurozone macroeconomic regulator for December, “the futures price curve for Dutch gas remains high at 124 euros per MWh during 2023.”

The same estimates were presented by the European Central Bank for the next year, since the forecast tables indicate that the price for the current year will be 123 euros, for 2024 – 98 euros, and for 2025 – up to 69 euros.

Compared to previous September forecasts, the ECB has sharply lowered its estimates for the cost of gas as follows: from 168 euros for the current year, from 235 euros for the next year and from 165 euros for 2024. He did not release an estimate for September. 2025.

Source: RIA Novosti

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