The economist reveals to RT the importance of gas for Lebanon and talks about gas volumes in disputed fields with Israel

Lebanese economic expert Dr. Anis Bou Diab emphasized that oil and gas are among the most important aspects that the Lebanese economy can depend on in light of the current global circumstances.

In an exclusive interview with RT, Dr. Anis Bou Diab explained that “offshore oil and gas is a strategic commodity for Lebanon, especially in light of Western sanctions against Russia and stalled Iran nuclear deal talks.”

Bou Diab added: “We understand that Russian oil is of great importance on a global level, while the world is now hungry for gas after the recent crises, especially as we are approaching autumn, so Lebanese gas is considered an important strategic commodity if produced, especially in the economic conditions. The bad ones that the country is going through.

As the economist explained, “we need monetary oxygen from the dollar, and this gas is oxygen.”

He pointed out that the amount of gas within Lebanon’s undisputed borders is reported to be over $120 billion, noting that “the Karish field, which is disputed with Israel, is said to contain an amount of gas estimated at $40 billion.”

Regarding the Qana field, which is also disputed with Israel, Dr. Anis Abu Diab pointed out that the amount of gas in it has not yet been specified, and there are three-dimensional images that have revealed the presence of gas, without specifying its amount.

Source: RT

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