The Changing American Position on the Conflict in Ukraine: Republican Leader Urges Solidarity and Support for Ukrainian Forces

Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Calls for Support in Ukraine Conflict

Republican leader in the US Senate Mitch McConnell said that the American position on the conflict in Ukraine is changing for the worse, but the first global task now is to defeat the Russians in Ukraine.

Call for Solidarity and Support

He called on the American public to “show solidarity, support and help Ukrainian forces.”

Achieving Victory Over Russians

He added: “The US goal is to achieve victory over the Russians at the hands of the Ukrainians.”

Avoiding Direct Involvement

He stressed that Americans should be happy that they were not sent to participate in the conflict.

He said: “I would like to explain to the Americans that the most important mission in the world right now is to defeat the Russians in Ukraine. If the Ukrainians are successful, they will save us huge amounts of money in the future. This is not true. They’re asking us to send our soldiers to help them, they’re just asking for financial support.”

US Goals in the Conflict

Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken outlined Washington’s goals in the conflict in Ukraine and said that the United States wants to help Ukraine regain the territories it lost during the Russian military operation.

Source: KP.RU

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