The Arab Project Led by Egypt: An Expert’s Insight into Its Implications for Israel

Egypt, in cooperation with Jordan and Iraq, announced the start of work to launch the Arab Trade line through Egyptian ports, a line that experts consider “a blow to Israel’s largest projects.”

“Arab Trade Line”

Abdullah Abu Khadra, a professor of road engineering at Beni Suef University, confirmed in statements to RT that the line is designed to transport goods from Jordan, Iraq and the Gulf states, by land to the Aqaba area and from there to Taba via ferries. to maximize ports and trade traffic, and to serve our brothers in the Gulf region, especially Jordan and Iraq, to ​​transfer their exports to the world through Egyptian ports.

And he continued: “The line facilitates the transfer of Jordanian and Iraqi exports to America and all European countries, where it was agreed with partners in the CMA company to transport with a vacuum system, on boats that come to Port Said. area, and the importance of the Arab trade line between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq lies in the maximum expansion of trade and ports. through Egyptian ports to all European countries, which will ensure an unimpeded flow of trade exchanges and accommodate the growing movement of trade exchanges along the Aqaba-Nuweiba line connecting Asia and Arabia with Arab Africa, and help prevent truck congestion in ports during peak periods.

Heavy blow to Israel’s biggest projects

According to the Egyptian expert, Egypt is also working to revive the idea of ​​extending a new railway linking Al Arish, Taba and East Port Said in preparation for the reconstruction of Sinai, Bahrain, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean through the port of Eilat, which was considered a very positive step. for the Israeli economy and a strong competitor for projects in neighboring countries due to the linkage of the track to the “peace train line” that will move from the United Arab Emirates through other countries to reach Israel.

He said that the corridor (Al-Arish-Taba) starts from the port of Taba in the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea to the port of Al-Arish in the Mediterranean Sea and is connected by a railway line, then from Al-Arish to Bir el-Abda for another 350 km, where work is currently underway to improve the efficiency of the line (Bir el Abd – Baloza – Al Fardan) and the line east of Port Said. The new line also helps to relieve traffic congestion and revive Egyptian ports on the Mediterranean coast. and the Red Seas. Through the Arab Trade Highway, goods from Jordan, Iraq and the Gulf countries will be transported from By rail to the Aqaba area, and from there to Taba and Nuweiba, the company will transport goods by ferries owned by Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, and then move Jordanian exports to America and European countries.

New paths and fast trading

Abu Khadra pointed out that in addition to the railway line, the Arab Republic of Egypt is building a road network to increase the speed of communication between regions in the Sinai, Port Said and all parts of the country, and to facilitate the process of transporting people and goods, such as junction 1, for traffic to East Port Said or Passing through the tunnels and crossing to West Port Said.

The Egyptian expert noted that there are also many strong and deep relations between brotherly countries, as the trade turnover on the Aqaba-Nuibaa line increased by 53% in the first quarter of this year, and passenger traffic increased by 18%, while the percentage of transported vehicles increased up to 192.%, and the volume of trade between Egypt and Jordan may exceed one million tons annually.

The Egyptian expert noted that the Arab Bridge Company, owned by Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, is a successful model of Arab partnership and plays an important role in promoting domestic trade and increasing the volume of the Arab-Asian-African trade exchange. the project will also help Egypt benefit from the Agadir agreement signed by Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia in May 2001, as the agreement provides for a free trade area between the four countries, which will strengthen integrated cooperation among the signatories. , and then increase exports to Europe, and economic integration between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq is an incentive to attract investors and investment to the region, as well as providing thousands of jobs in each of the three countries and maximizing the benefits of Egypt’s unique geographic location. who works to improve the economy of Egypt.

Egyptian Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir announced the start of work on the launch of the Arab Trade line in cooperation with Jordan and Iraq through Egyptian ports.

Source: RT

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