The Aftermath of Final Fantasy VII: Exploring the Future and Possibility of a Final Fantasy X Remake

The Aftermath of Final Fantasy VII

It was E3 2015, one of the biggest gaming events of the year, and Sony’s conference was highly anticipated by gamers around the world. Adam Boyes, a prominent figure in the gaming industry, took the stage and delivered a moment that would be forever etched in the memories of fans. With no prior warning, he made a stunning announcement that caused the entire audience to hold their breath in anticipation: the highly coveted remake of Final Fantasy VII was finally coming!

As the screen lit up, we were treated to a breathtaking cinematic trailer that perfectly captured the essence of the game’s universe. The music, the characters, the iconic items… everything that made the original game so beloved by fans was there. The presentation was short, but it was enough to captivate the entire audience and leave them hungry for more.

And the excitement didn’t end there. This announcement came right before the long-awaited return of Shenmue, with its third installment releasing after more than a decade of waiting. It was a conference that left a lasting impression on everyone who attended, and although some of the announced games have already been released, Square-Enix still has another project in the works for the years to come.

The First Final Fantasy on the PS2

Final Fantasy X was released on July 19, 2001, and quickly gained immense popularity among fans of the franchise. It was a standout game at the E3 salon of that time, alongside Gran Turismo 3, due to its stunning visuals and art direction. This tenth installment in the series introduced a unique world, richly developed characters such as Yuna, Tidus, and Rikku, and a strategic combat system with numerous elements. The game’s graphics were considered splendid for its time and its art direction was full of references to the saga, making Final Fantasy X a true gem of Japanese RPGs.

Now, rumors are circulating that Square-Enix is considering a remake of this beloved episode. According to a reliable leaker who has previously made accurate announcements, including the arrival of a new Persona game, the team is currently small but may expand after the completion of several projects in 2024. This news has excited fans who have been eagerly waiting for a return of Final Fantasy X.

Would you be interested in playing the game’s remake if it were to be released?

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