Tehran denies UK accusations of seizing Iranian weapons bound for Yemen

Iran’s Foreign Ministry denied UK allegations of seizing an Iranian arms shipment bound for Yemen, saying “the UK has no moral capacity to make such accusations against Iran.”

Nasser Kanaani, a spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said the statement published on the official website of the British government is baseless and expired regarding the confiscation of an Iranian weapons shipment destined for Yemen in January 2022, noting that “the UK through the continuous sale of modern weapons so called a coalition that is a partner in the war and aggression against Yemen, and it is not in a position to make these baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and put on a humane expression.”

He added: “Based on news and statistics published only in the British media, this country has provided anti-Yemeni anti-Yemeni troops with around £8 billion worth of modern weapons, including bombs, air-to-ground missiles, guided missiles and warplanes. coalition since the beginning of the military aggression in Yemen. Thanks to special licenses issued by the British government to arms manufacturers, this number will be multiplied several times.”

Nasser Kanaani stated that “the UK provided these weapons to the aggressors knowing of the war crimes committed by the aggressive coalition against the defenseless Yemeni people and of its military attacks on schools, hospitals, weddings and food stores”, stressing that “there is no doubt that that the British government’s approach to continuing arms exports by the coalition forces was one of the reasons for the continuation of the brutal war in Yemen, so they do not have the moral capacity to direct these accusations against Iran.”

Source: irna

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