Tashkent: Protesters in Nukus received psychotropic drugs and money

The National Guard of Uzbekistan has published photographs of lists found on rioters in the Uzbek city of Nukus, which authorities believe show the demonstrators were receiving psychotropic substances and cash.

The comments under the photos posted on the Telegram page of the National Guard of Uzbekistan indicate that the lists “have information about the distribution of psychotropic substances and money among participants in unauthorized demonstrations.” The list of distributed psychotropic substances includes Lyrica and Tramadol drugs. The demonstrators also received from 4 to 12 million sums (ie, from 360 to 1080 dollars).

On July 1, an unsanctioned demonstration took place in Nukus, the capital of the Uzbek region of Karakalpakstan, in connection with amendments to the country’s constitution. The prosecutor’s office of the republic stated that as a result of the riots, which grew into a demonstration, 18 people were killed, including 14 civilians and 4 law enforcement officers. Local authorities also reported that 13 of the dead were under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev declared a state of emergency in Karakalpakstan from July 3 to August 2 and a curfew from 19:00 to 05:00 Moscow time during this time period. And the Uzbek authorities announced last Sunday that the situation in the region where the riots occurred had stabilized and returned to normal.

For its part, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan reported that as a result of the riots, 243 people were injured and another 516 were detained. And yesterday, on Monday, the Uzbek parliament decided to maintain the current status of the Karakalpak region, which provides for its sovereignty, as the protesters insisted.

Source: RIA Novosti

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