Taliban Authorities Arrest 18 Employees of Swiss NGO International Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

Swiss NGO Employees Arrested by Taliban in Afghanistan


Swiss NGO International Assistance Mission announced Saturday that Taliban authorities in Afghanistan have arrested 18 of its employees, including one foreigner.

Details of the Arrest

The Swiss-registered organization explained that the staff were kidnapped from its office in Ghor province in central Afghanistan and taken to the capital Kabul.

On September 3, two Afghans and a member of the international team were arrested, followed by 15 Afghans.

Organization’s Statement

The organization said in a statement: “At this time we have no information about the nature of the allegations against our employees and therefore cannot comment or speculate on the current situation.”

She added: “If any charges are brought against our organization or any employee, we will review any evidence presented independently,” although Taliban officials have not commented.

About International Assistance Mission

The International Assistance Mission (IAM) has been operating in Afghanistan since 1966 and at that time specialized in eye care and later expanded its services into health and education.

Taliban’s Actions and Laws

Since returning to power in mid-August 2021, Taliban authorities have arrested an unknown number of foreigners.

The Taliban continues to introduce laws consistent with its strict interpretation of Islamic law. For example, it does not allow women to work in non-governmental organizations and the United Nations.

For two years in Afghanistan, high schools and then universities were closed to women, and they were prohibited from visiting parks and gyms.


Source: AFP

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