Syrian Boxer Withdraws from Fight at Asian Games Over Israeli Referee: SANA Agency

Syrian Boxer Withdraws from Fight at Asian Games Over Israeli Referee

Syrian boxer Muhammad Melis pulled out of a fight with his Bahraini counterpart Danis Laptov on Tuesday at the Asian Games currently taking place in China as the task of refereeing the fight was entrusted to an Israeli referee.

Refusal to Engage

According to the official Syrian news agency SANA, Meles initially refused to engage in the fight due to the presence of the Israeli referee, explaining that his coach Muhammad Ghosun had lodged an objection to the refereeing committee over the matter.

Committee’s Response

The judging committee refused to respond to Syria’s objection and insisted on maintaining Israeli rule, prompting Melis, 30, to stay out of the ring and then withdraw before the referee declared Bahraini boxer Laptov’s victory.

International Boxing Federation’s Stance

SANA quoted Kamel Shabib, a member of the International Boxing Federation’s arbitration committee, as saying that the International Boxing Federation always emphasizes the need not to assign any ring judge or referee at any international tournament to a country that is “hostile or friendly by virtue of its surroundings.”

Syria’s Participation in the Asian Games

Syria competes in the Asian Games in equestrian, boxing, wrestling, and athletics.

About the Asian Games

It is noteworthy that the XIX Asian Games are now being held in China from September 23 to October 8.


Source: SANA Agency

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