Sunak challenges House of Lords on Law regarding Small Boats

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has hinted that he is ready to overturn the House of Lords decision and push the ‘small boats’ bill through Parliament amid opposition to his plans.

Sunak said he was ready to use the “nuclear option” of the Parliament Act to challenge the upper house and push the illegal immigration bill forward, noting that the plan to detain and deport those arriving in small boats was “strongly supported” in the House of Representatives. . communities.

He warned against any attempt to derail a “very important” law. When asked if he was prepared to use the Parliament Act, the Prime Minister said: “It has been passed by Parliament. I intend to see this law in the law books so that we can start using it.”

A senior Tory source said the government would “be firm” and refuse to “soften” the bill if it went back to the House of Commons with damaging amendments.

Source: The Independent

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