Sunak cautions against unregulated immigration

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the number of migrants must be brought under control or they could lead to “uncontrollable pressure on housing, schools and hospitals in many of our communities.”

Sunak emphasized that he is not “hostile to immigrants”, but rather does what he thinks is “honest and right”, noting that “when the level of immigration is very high and growing very fast and uncontrollably, this can make the process of integrating newcomers into difficult societies.

He emphasized that the government cannot allow people to “illegally come here at the whim of criminal gangs,” adding, “It’s not fair to those who follow the rules… It’s not fair to those who desperately need our help.” but I can’t get it because our asylum system is overwhelmed with people traveling here through safe countries.”

Sunak’s statement came after the government announced visa restrictions for foreign students and their families.

Source: ITV

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