Substack Introduces AI-Powered Podcasting Tools for Easy Transcripts and Audiograms

Substack Introduces New AI-Powered Podcasting Tools

Substack is introducing new AI-powered tools that make podcasting on the platform easier. These tools allow users to generate transcripts and audiograms quickly.

Create Transcripts Easily

With Substack’s new AI tool, you can now create a transcript of your podcast episode or narration in just about a minute. Customize and edit the transcript to your liking before publishing it on its own tab on the episode post page.

Generate Audiograms for Social Media Sharing

Select a passage from your transcript and use it to generate a special audiogram. An audiogram is a static video with text and audio playing over it, making it an excellent way to showcase your podcast episode on social media.

“We believe that AI tools like these don’t replace the work done by writers and creators. Instead, they empower them,” Substack stated in a blog post.

How to Access the New Tools:

  1. Go to your dashboard and create an episode post.
  2. In editing mode, upload your audio file.
  3. Click the “Generate Transcript” button.
  4. Wait for approximately one minute for the transcript to be generated.
  5. Publish the transcript, which will appear alongside your episode post by default (you can choose to hide it if desired).
  6. To create an audiogram, select a passage from the published transcript and click “Make audiogram”.

Substack highlights that these tools are in their early stages and will continue to improve over time. They encourage users to have fun with them and promise frequent updates.

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