Stoltenberg: The biggest danger will come if Russia wins the war

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed confidence that there is “no turning back” between the alliance and Russia, warning the West that the biggest danger would come if Russia won the war in Ukraine.

“We must realize that the end of this war will not lead to normal relations with Russia. There is no turning back,” Stoltenberg said in a speech delivered today, Tuesday, at the SAMAK summit in Finland.

He stressed that NATO member states should increase their defense spending because that is what security in a “more dangerous world” requires.

He also expressed his conviction that “support for Ukraine is in the security interests” of NATO itself.

He continued: “I hear concerns that our support for Ukraine increases the risk of escalation. But… there are currently no risk-free options. No one should doubt that the biggest risk is a victory for President Putin in Ukraine.”

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