Speaker of State Duma Predicts Future of Biden, Macron, and Schultz

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that the reign of the current leaders of France, the United States, Ukraine and Germany would not last long, and then they would be tried at the International Criminal Court.

Volodin added during the plenary session: “As for Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden, Vladimir Zelensky and Olaf Schulz, these are people (politically) from the past, and they will not be in this world in the future, because they did everything to plunge the world into the war and make Ukraine a training ground. And you will see that their political life and term will be short. We will all be witnesses to when they retire (their term ends) and then the International Criminal Court will be waiting for them to call them to account ” .

According to Volodin, these politicians are trying to distract their voters with war, creating threats, saying: “Macron would have lost the election to Marine Le Pen… so his comments and slander on issues related to China and Russia are nothing more than an attempt to distract and divert the attention of the citizens of France.” from the problems that exist in this country. “As for Biden, what can I say? He’s just a sick man.”

Speaking about Schultz, Volodin said: “Scholz is actually destroying the German economy. More importantly, the relationship that developed decades after the Second World War between the Soviet Union, Russia and Germany, Schultz put an end to it as a result of his actions. And this hurts the rank and file citizens in Germany, so that neither the current nor the next generation will forgive him for this, because he bowed to Washington and Brussels, and today what he is doing is only supplying weapons to Ukraine, and all because, most likely, there are the threads that bind him and force him to play a dirty role in the theater of war.

Source: TASS

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