Spanish Football League Files Complaint with European Commission Over Paris Saint-Germain’s Financing Arrangements

The Spanish Football League Files Complaint Against Paris Saint-Germain’s Financing Arrangements

The Spanish Football League has filed a complaint with the European Commission regarding the “financing arrangements” used by Paris Saint-Germain, which is owned by a Qatari company.

La Liga Moves under New UEFA Rules on Foreign Subsidies

La Liga said in a statement that it is moving under new UEFA rules on foreign subsidies.

Unfair Market Advantage for Players and Coaches

It stated that Paris Saint-Germain, owned by Qatar Sports Investments Company since June 2011, had an unfair market advantage for players and coaches.

Complaint Filed for Foreign Subsidies from Qatar

The association said it had filed a complaint against Paris Saint-Germain for receiving foreign subsidies from the State of Qatar “which allowed it to improve its competitive position, causing significant distortions in many national and European markets.”

New EU Rules on Foreign Subsidies

Last January, the European Commission approved new rules regarding foreign subsidies granted to companies in the European Union.

European Commission’s Power to Investigate and Remedy Distortive Effects

The new rules give the European Commission the power to investigate financial contributions made by non-EU countries to companies doing economic activity in the EU and, if necessary, to remedy their distortive effects.


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