Spain fires… there is no hope to put out the fire except with rain

Spanish firefighters are anticipating possible rain at dawn on Thursday as wildfires continue and wreak havoc across regions of the country.

Two major fires in the Valencia region have already destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of forest and shrubs.

On Wednesday, RTVE quoted a fire official as saying the fires had burned 11,500 hectares of forest in the La Val Dibou region, one of the most destructive fires in the region in a decade.

To date, the fires in the Bijis region have destroyed about 4,000 hectares of forest.

La Vanguardia newspaper reported that two firefighters were injured in the area.

Spanish media reported that 11 passengers were injured on a train in the Spanish region of Valencia, which was forced to stop due to thick smoke emanating from a forest fire.

The Europa-Press news agency and the TV channel RTVE indicated that the accident occurred on Tuesday, about 60 kilometers northwest of the city, when the train was forced to return to the station from which it had departed.

Reports say that some passengers jumped out of the cars in a panic during a short stop, during which the driver ran the train from end to end.

Eight passengers were taken to hospital with burns and other injuries, some of them seriously.

Source: db a

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