Soviet weapons from Moscow re-exported to Kyiv and sold illegally on black market

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia expressed concern that Russian (Soviet) weapons illegally re-exported to Ukraine could end up on the black market.

The FSB said: “The lack of control over the supply of Western weapons, as well as Russian (Soviet) weapons illegally re-exported from various irresponsible countries under the pretext of helping the Kiev regime, is increasingly found on the black markets. which is of great concern.” access to international terrorist and extremist groups.

They also pointed out that at the same time, Russia is recording “pragmatism and resistance from traditional partners who have become convinced of the reliability and high efficiency of Russian weapons and military equipment.”

Earlier on Saturday, during the Shangri-Li Dialogue security conference in Singapore, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Russian-made weapons did not meet quality standards and advised importing countries to “return them to the seller.” Wallace did not motivate his version, but expressed confidence that the weapons used by the “NATO” countries are “the best weapons in the world.”

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