Signs of betrayal and a new scandal.. Benzema is accused of having an affair with an American model (photo)

Recently, photos of Frenchman Karim Benzema, the Spanish football striker of Real Madrid, with a girl named Jordan Osuna in Miami, America, have been circulating on social media.

According to celebrity news site legossip, there is a connection between Benzema and Ozona that the player tried to hide.

The report said Benzema and his son Ibrahim traveled to Dubai days after the player was accompanied by his girlfriend Ozuna, a 32-year-old model, to distance themselves from any messages linking him to her.

The American model is known as “Jordan” and has 320,000 social media followers.

According to a French-language website, Jordin has previously had relationships with Beyoncé Benjma, an Algerian model and boxer, and others.

The report indicated that Jordin was accompanied by Benzema and his son Ibrahim on their trip to Dubai, through which they traveled in a private jet.

The duo have yet to announce any relationship, but pictures of them circulating on social media were taken by some photographers, and Benzema posted a picture of him while he was sleeping on a plane, then deleted it when he noticed the presence in it. girl’s legs.

For her part, Shuli de Launay, Benzema’s wife, accused Rihanna, the American pop singer, of having an affair with her husband, before it was recently cleared that she was innocent of the accusation, which was model Jordin.

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