Schultz Party Headquarters Covered in Orange Paint by Environmental Activists.

Environmental activists from the Last Generation movement sprayed paint on the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in Berlin in response to criticism from Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

According to a video posted on the movement’s Twitter page, orange paint was poured over the facade of the headquarters, which hosted a party meeting dedicated to the 160th anniversary of its founding. It is not known if the activists staged a demonstration at the same time as the rally.

Activists have responded to Schultz’s claims that the movement’s actions are “completely insane” by saying, “We think it’s insane to completely destroy the basic conditions of life.”

According to the Berlin police, environmental activists again blocked traffic, holding hands on several sections of the motorway, and these actions were stopped by the efforts of the authorities.

Schultz had previously criticized environmentalists’ “extreme measures” as insane, saying such measures would not help win more supporters.

In recent months, the actions of members of the Last Generation movement have become more extreme. On October 31, 2022, two environmental activists held banners over the busy A100 motorway in Berlin, forcing the police to stop traffic.

In the resulting traffic jam, due to the actions of the traffic participants, the rescuers’ car broke down, rushing to the scene, and the cyclist died. Activists regularly block the streets by sticking to the asphalt.

In December 2022, representatives of the movement cut down the top of the Christmas tree at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and in February they cut down the Christmas tree in front of the chancellor’s office. In March, they also poured black paint over etched glass showing the German constitution outside the Bundestag building in Berlin.

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