Schultz aide: Rapid phase-out of Russian gas will lead to a dangerous recession in Europe

Jens Plötner, German chancellor’s foreign policy spokesman, stressed that his country’s rapid withdrawal from Russian gas imports would lead to a dangerous recession across Europe.

He said in the documentary “President, Europe and War” about the French presidency of the European Union, which was shown by “France 2”: “If we abandon this now, and this is not only about gas, but also about oil and coal, then I think that this will lead to a very strong recession in Germany, and therefore in the whole of Europe.”
“For the largest economy in Europe, making such decisions with far-reaching consequences is an irresponsible policy,” he added.
For his part, Emmanuel Bonn, adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, explained that “Germany actually does not want to impose sanctions on gas, because it imports large volumes of blue fuel.”
And the American Bloomberg agency quotes Deutsche Bank analysts that “Germany expects stronger inflation if gas supplies from Russia via Nord Stream are reduced in the near future due to the early return of Siemens gas pumping units, which has not yet entered into stage of normal operation.
Source: “TASS” + “France 2” + “Bloomberg”

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