Saudi Arabia is ready to support the acquisition of Liverpool or Manchester United

The British website BBC said that Saudi Arabia will support any initiatives of the Kingdom’s private sector to buy Manchester United or Liverpool.

While the Saudi State Investment Fund bought a majority stake in Newcastle United last winter, Saudi Sports Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal said private companies in his country were showing strong interest in top Premier League clubs. League.

Earlier in the press it was reported that the Saudi Investment Fund wanted to buy Liverpool after the owners of the club officially confirmed their intention to sell it in the near future.

The American Glazer family, who own Manchester United, also confirmed that they have a desire to sell the club at the next stage after discussing the offers that will reach them.

The Saudi minister made it clear in statements to Britain’s BBC Sport that he could not speak for the private sector in his country, adding: “But there is a lot of interest, appetite and passion for football.”

He continued: “The Premier League is the most popular league in Saudi Arabia and the region and has a large following and as such we will support the private sector in the Kingdom if they decide to invest in English clubs because we know that this is positive impact on sports in our country.”

And the Saudi prince added: “If there is an investor willing to do this… what objections?”

The Minister emphasized that his country is not opposed to hosting the World Cup in the future, saying: “Who among us does not want to host the World Cup?.. Any country in the world would like to host the World Cup.”


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