Rust Update 1.50 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – August 27, 2022

Frontier Developments has released a new Update 1.50 for Rust. The following is a detailed overview of all the changes, fixes, and improvements implemented in the recently released version of the game. the Rust Update 1.50 can now be downloaded, but the file size could vary depending on the platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.


  • Added the new dynamic Cargo Ship event!
  • Added L96 Rifle, perfect to take enemies from a distance . The L96 can be looted from Code Locked Crates and APC crates.


  • Code Locked Crates now show bullet holes when you shoot at them.
  • Equipping a Beenie Hat will no longer makes you player model go bald.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause door locks to disappear (doors would stay locked).
  • Fixed a bug with the deployable Repair Bench that allowed multiple players to use it at the same time.
  • Fixed being able to access both sides of the Dropbox from the storage side.
  • Fixed being able to place any non-attire item into the Locker.
  • Fixed being unable to pick up the Search Light.
  • Fixed being unable to place items in the front of a Dropbox.
  • Fixed being unable to retrieve objects thrown or shot at the Reactive Target.
  • Fixed building plan previews so they no longer get darker at night time or turn invisible when in contact with water.
  • Building plans are now transparent again.
  • Fixed part of the Armored/Sheet Metal Triangle Roof disappearing from a distance.
  • Fixed shadows fading out too early on Chairs, Wood Boxes, Workbenches and Research Tables.
  • Improved Sheet Metal building block textures.
  • Fixed Sheet Metal items showing wooden textures.
  • Fixed texture issues on the Metal Shopfront after placing it on upgraded foundations.
  • Fixed the Miner’s Hat and Candle Hat not displaying stat changes when they are highlighted in the inventory.
  • Glove models will no longer be seen floating on player shadows.
  • Increased the amount of vision you have while wearing the Heavy Plate Helmet.
  • Items can no longer be placed in the middle of a doorway.
  • Items thrown at Chainlink Fences and Chainlink Fence Gates no longer disappear into the void.
  • Light cast by campfires can no longer be seen from the opposite side of walls.
    Player hair no longer clips through the Coffee Can Helmet.
  • Scrap can now be stacked when moving it from a container to your inventory.
  • Supply Signals give out much more smoke after being thrown.
  • The Stone Pickaxe can no longer gather wood.
  • The Torch, Flashlight, Miner’s Hat, Candle Hat, and the Weapon Flashlight now provide more light.


  • Added M39 Rifle back to the rifle loot pool.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Smoke Grenade to activate underwater.
  • Fixed a see-through part of the Semi-Automatic Rifle texture.
  • Fixed being unable to reload some weapons after playing an emote twice during the reload animation.
  • Fixed level of detail issues on buildings when viewing them through a weapon scope.
  • Fixed missing animation for equipping the M39 Rifle.
  • Fixed missing reload sound on the Spas-12 Shotgun.
  • Fixed rockets sometimes flying in the wrong direction after being fired from a boat.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur, stopping players from retrieving thrown weapons from animals.
  • Fixed the collision on the 40mm Smoke Grenade used with the Multiple Grenade Launcher.
  • Fixed Timed Explosive Charges hovering over wood and sulfur collectables when thrown at them.
  • Grenades thrown at sewer entrances now fall down into the tunnels instead of floating above them.
  • The Paddle no longer emits a swirling sound when thrown.


  • Fixed being unable to interact with small storage crates on boats.
  • Increased the radius around safe zones that the Hostile Timer display is triggered.
  • Made it easier to fish while sitting in a boat.
  • Players now hold the steering wheel when driving a rowboat.
  • Pushing a kayak when another player is sitting on it no longer causes it to move indefinitely.
  • You can no longer push kayaks while standing on them.


  • Boats no longer flip upside down after a server restart.
  • Fires from destroyed helicopters and Bradley APCs now provide light at night.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause player backpacks to leap through the ocean.
    Fixed a bug that sometimes stopped players being able to push boats on the ground.
  • Fixed a squeaky sound coming from the Attack Helicopter.
  • Fixed ghosting effect on shadows cast by grass foliage.
  • Fixed Rowboat propeller appearing white from a distance.
  • Fixed shadows disappearing too early on Chainlink fence props.
  • Fixed some instances of being able to loot crates more than once.
  • Fixed some loot containers spawning twice in one spot.
  • Fixed the Chinook being unable to shoot at players.
  • Fixed the junkpile sinking animation not always working.
  • Grass foliage animation performance improvements.
  • Increased size of the world models for Scrap, Flare, M249, and Tech Trash.
  • Players can no longer spawn in snow or desert biomes.
  • Pumpkins no longer disappear as you walk away from them.
  • Underground tunnels are darker.


  • Changed the opening direction of the crane door at the Train Yard, so it can’t be used to push players off the crane anymore.
  • Fixed a spot at the Launch Site where you could jump off the main building and land on an invisible ledge.
  • Fixed areas where you could get stuck at the Small Oil Rig and at the Launch Site.
  • Fixed being unable to interact with the vendor at the Large Fishing Village unless you stand in front of them.
  • Fixed being unable to open the refinery door at the Dome.
  • Fixed collision in doorways in the Launch Site’s red keycard building.
  • Fixed popping shadows at the Sewer Branch.
  • Fixed rubberbanding effect at the top of the Launch Site’s main building.
  • Fixed some items clipping through each other at the Sewer Branch.
  • Fixed texture issues at the Airfield, Dome, Lighthouse, Train Yard, Harbor, Satellite Dish, Fishing Village and Oil Rig.
  • Fixed visual issues on swamp water at the Bandit Camp.
    Grenades can now be thrown through the broken windows of the Launch Site’s main building.
  • Increased the no-build zone around the Bandit Camp and the Outpost.
  • Lights at the Oil Rig are no longer affected by player flashlights.
  • Restored an invisible crane inside the Launch Site’s main building.
  • The crane ladders at the Small Oil Rig can now be climbed.
    Updated Outpost layout.
  • Wall lamps at the Launch Site no longer disappear as you walk away from them.
  • Optimised Monument Levels Of Details to only update what is visible around 100x faster.


  • Fixed a bug that could cause destroyed helicopters to continue firing at players from the crash site.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur after destroying a Chinook.


  • Added an option to toggle FXAA in the Options Menu.
  • Added cooking icon to foods that were missing it while being cooked on a barbecue or campfire.
  • Changed the error message displayed when placing the Rug on an invalid spot on walls, floors, or ceilings.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Sleeping Bag counter on the map to flash repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Vending Machine icon to appear on the map for other players to see despite being turned off. Turning off broadcasting on the Vending Machine now removes the icon from the map.
  • Fixed a bug that caused icons for crash sites and debris fields to persist on the map even after they cease to be accessible in-game.
  • Fixed a bug with auto equip that could replace active hot bar items even if there is already an item in the selected slot when R2/RT is pressed.
  • Fixed missing icons on items being cooked in campfires or BBQs.
  • Fixed missing text on the Fishing Controls gametip.
  • Fixed the description on Medical Syringes being unreadable.
  • Fixed the map not showing on the death screen.
  • Fixed the Select button prompt missing on the Options Menu after first boot.
  • Improved the appearance of melee weapon stats in the inventory.
  • Improvements to labels and gridlines on the map screen to make it clearer.
  • Increased the text size of some item descriptions that were too small to read.
  • Map UI performance improvements.
  • Messages sent using the Server Chat option in the Quick Chat menu can now be seen across the whole map.
  • Removed an unneeded HP bar from the Oil Rig alarm system.
  • The sleeping bag timer displayed on the map now updates properly.


  • Added FPS Limit and Terrain Quality in the Options menu to help improve performance.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when filling the last slot of the Locker.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining a server.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to pick up items from another player’s base if they built close enough that they could reach over with a hammer from their own build zone.
  • Reduced the FPS drop caused by blood splatter effects.
  • Fixed a crash caused by trees falling, even though they weren’t dead.
  • Added a new version number to the bottom left of the screen, visible in game too.
  • Increased the default player time out.

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