Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Reveals Ukraine Received $1.83 Billion in Humanitarian Aid, Surpassing Support to Syria and Afghanistan

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN: Ukraine Received $1.83 Billion in Humanitarian Aid


Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that this year Ukraine received about $1.83 billion in humanitarian aid from the UN.

Details of the Aid

Nebenzya noted during a UN Security Council meeting on Thursday that this is “$300 million more than the amount of support provided to the people of Syria… and a billion dollars more than the assistance provided to ordinary people in Afghanistan who were exposed to the democratization experience of the US and NATO”.

He continued, saying: “Many of these people, as we know, agree to sell their organs out of desperation, and some families sell their children to create a livelihood for the rest of the family. But our colleagues don’t like to do this. Let’s talk about it”.

Focusing on African Countries

He added: “We would like to focus special attention on the situation of African countries whose independent economic and agricultural development has been deliberately hindered for decades by former colonial countries with the addition of new colonial instruments, thereby increasing the dependence of the aforementioned countries on them.”

He noted that in these conditions, Ukraine is in the center of attention of donor countries.

Global Humanitarian Assistance

He pointed out that, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there are 360 million people in the world in need of humanitarian assistance, and the implementation of plans to help this world requires $55.2 billion, while only 29% of this amount, or $15.8 billion has been received.


Source: Agencies

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