Russia’s GDP per capita nears record high, says International Monetary Fund

Russia’s GDP per capita exceeded $15,000 last year, close to the record levels of 2013, according to an analysis of data from the International Monetary Fund.

According to these data, GDP per capita in Russia at the end of last year amounted to 15.44 thousand dollars, that is, it increased over the year by 22.3%, or 2.82 thousand dollars. This was the highest level since 2013, when the record was $15.93,000.

Of the 100 countries surveyed, 74 had higher GDP per capita last year. The strongest growth was in Guyana (89.1%), Armenia (40.6%), Georgia (33.4%), Kuwait (32.7%) and the Seychelles (31%).

Another 25 countries experienced a decrease in this indicator, including 19 countries in Europe.

The largest decline in GDP per capita in the world occurred in Japan (-15.2%), Sweden (-8.6%) and Korea (-7.9%). The top ten also included Hungary, France, Chile, Finland, Luxembourg, Germany and Italy.

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