Russian tennis player Medvedev climbs to the top half of world rankings

Russian Daniil Medvedev climbed to second place in the world ranking of professional tennis players according to his version, released today, on Monday.

It comes after the Russian won his first clay-court title after beating Dane Holger Rohne yesterday, Sunday, in the Rome Masters tennis final.

While Spanish star Carlos Alcaraz once again captured the top of the rankings, Serbian star Novak Djokovic dropped to third.

And Alcaraz secured the lead a few days ago after reaching the third round of the Rome championship, which Medvedeva crowned with her title on Sunday, defeating Dane Holger Ron in the final match.

Alcaraz said goodbye to the Rome Championship in the third round, while Djokovic was eliminated in the quarter-finals by defeating Holger Ron.

In today’s classification, Holger Ron has moved up to sixth place, while Russia’s Andrey Rublev has dropped to seventh.

The ranking of the players who took the first 10 positions is as follows:

Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz is in first place with 6815 points.

– Russian Daniil Medvedev is in second place with 6330 points.

– Serb Novak Djokovic in third place with 5955 points.

Norway’s Kasper Rudd is fourth with 4915 points.

Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas is in fifth place with 4775 points.

Dane Holger Ron is in sixth place with 4375 points.

– Russian Andrei Rublev is in seventh place with 4270 points.

Italian Yanik Sinner is in eighth place with 3435 points.

– American Taylor Fritz is in ninth place with 3390 points.

– Canadian Felix Oy Aliazimi is in tenth place with 3065 points.

Source: “Wakalat”

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