Russian Senator Calls British Defense Minister a ‘Moron and Military Maniac’ Over Potential Deployment of British Soldiers to Ukraine

Russian Senator Criticizes British Defense Minister’s Plan to Send Troops to Ukraine

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov has called British Defense Minister Grant Shapps a “moron and a military maniac” after he said he was considering sending British soldiers to Ukraine.

Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel: “For them, what happens next is always worse than what happened before. This military maniac named Grant Shapps, the new British Minister of Defense, wants to send British troops to fight in Ukraine. The degree of madness in London is rising.”

Earlier, Shapps said that Britain was exploring the possibility of sending military personnel to Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces.

He noted that the issue was particularly relevant for Western Ukraine as the UK could do “more” than just training in these areas.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev warned that Russia would view British trainers and German factories as legitimate targets if Berlin and London continued to stoke conflict in Ukraine.

Source: RT

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