Russian general evaluates the effectiveness of the Israeli air defense system "iron dome"

The former chief of the Russian General Staff, General Yuri Baluyevsky, called the Iron Dome anti-aircraft missile system a technical achievement.

At the same time, the general pointed out that this system had so far only dealt with semi-manual rockets.

Baluyevsky, who headed the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces in 2004-2008, added: “Undoubtedly, the creation, deployment and use of the Iron Dome air defense system was a major technical achievement of the Israeli defense industry and its armed forces. … But at the same time, the Israeli air and missile defense system deals primarily with the low technical level of Israel’s opponents, who rely on the widespread use of unguided missiles.

In his introduction to a new book, Strange Wars – A New Paradigm, Baluyevsky stated that the unguided Qassam and other projectiles used by the Palestinians and Hezbollah follow the simplest ballistic trajectory.

The general expressed confidence that the use of guided missiles or projectiles, the trajectory of which can be changed, can significantly reduce the likelihood of their destruction, and also increase the load on the computers of missile defense systems, especially when responding to collective missile launches.

Earlier, the media reported on the repeated appeals of the Kyiv authorities to Israel on the sale of the Iron Dome complexes to counter Russian combat aircraft.

Source: RIA Novosti

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