Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Criticizes International Olympic Committee’s Suspension of Russian Athletes

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Speaks Out on Suspension of Russian Athletes


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke about the suspension of Russian athletes from international competitions based on the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee.

Violation of the Olympic Charter

In an interview with TASS, Lavrov said: “The International Olympic Committee is using the situation around Ukraine for a flagrant and direct violation of the Olympic Charter.”

Contrary to Obligations

Lavrov also noted that the committee decided to show integrity contrary to its obligations under the Olympic Charter.

BRICS Games as a Complement

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry also emphasized that the BRICS Games are considered a complement to the Olympic movement, and not a counterweight to it, and any athlete, including representatives of unfriendly countries, will be able to take part in the BRICS Games, which will be held in Russia.

No Unfriendly Athletes or Countries

Lavrov said: “We do not have unfriendly athletes or unfriendly citizens,” adding that Russia does not even have unfriendly countries, but rather unfriendly governments that temporarily assume power in a number of countries.

Open to All Athletes

Lavrov stressed that these games will be open to all athletes “in full accordance with the principles of the Olympic Charter.” The Russian minister advised the International Olympic Committee to “take measures and draw conclusions.”

The BRICS Games

The BRICS Games will be held in the Russian city of Kazan from June 12 to 23, 2024 and will include competitions in 25 sports.

Suspension of Russian Athletes

Since February 2022, Russian athletes have been suspended from international competitions by the majority of federations on the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee.

New Recommendations

In March 2023, the organization issued new recommendations for the admission of Russian athletes to international tournaments in a neutral manner and according to several criteria.

Asian Games Controversy

It is noteworthy that previously the International Olympic Committee did not allow Russian athletes to participate in the Asian Games.


Source: RT

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