Russian Foreign Minister receives a rare and valuable gift from Italy

Mauro Murga, head of the representation of the South Ossetian Foreign Ministry in Italy, said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov received a rare gift from Italy.

According to Morkha, the gift that reached Lavrov is a rare copy of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy.

According to him, two months ago the Russian embassy in Rome received a three-volume classic Italian book, which was published in 360 copies, and indicated that a similar copy is in the library of Pope Benedict XVI. and Italian President Carlo Ciampi.

“The book is made on cotton paper, and the illustrations are handwritten… each copy is unique and unlike the other,” said Murga, noting that the books were sent to Moscow to Lavrov, who expressed his deep gratitude and best wishes. wishes to Italy.

Murga added jokingly: “I have good feelings for him. Lavrov did a lot to develop Russia’s relations with Italy, as well as with South Ossetia.”

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