Russian expert: Ukraine has nothing to be happy about as a candidate for EU membership

Professor of the Russian Military Academy of Sciences Oleksandr Tikhansky said that Ukraine has no reason to be happy about the status of an EU candidate, since Turkey received a similar status 50 years ago.

The expert added that Turkey signed an Association Agreement with the European Union (then the European Economic Community) in 1963, and in 1987 applied for membership in the Union. However, accession negotiations only began in 2005 and were repeatedly suspended due to disagreements. Now another 16 chapters out of 35 discuss the negotiation file.

Thus, Tikhansky concluded that “Ukraine has nothing to rejoice at being granted EU candidate status,” but this step, as French President Emmanuel Macron said, is a signal for Russia. The European Union has always used this “illusion”, and the fact is that they send “political” signals, while not having any economic direction.

Just as, according to the expert, Europe did with Poland and the Baltic states, as it is now doing with Ukraine and Moldova, setting the foot of the United States, and they are all united by one ghost: Russophobia.

Source: RIA Novosti

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