Russian diplomat explains how a monument to one of his relatives was demolished in Warsaw

Sergei Leonidchenko, adviser to the Russian permanent mission to the UN, said at a meeting of the UN Security Council that the Polish authorities had demolished a monument to Soviet soldiers, which was located over the grave of one of his relatives.

Yesterday, on the initiative of Albania and Poland, an informal meeting of the UN Security Council was held to discuss the problem of cultural objects in Ukraine, during which representatives of the two countries accused Russia of destroying the cultural values ​​of Ukraine.

Addressing his Polish colleague at the meeting, Leonidchenko, he denied the accusations and pointed to the policy of the Polish authorities, waging a merciless war on monuments to Soviet soldiers who liberated them from fascist occupation.

And the Russian diplomat added: “I will tell you the story of our family. My mother’s uncle, Nikolai Barbokov, was in the war against fascism when it broke out, and he was only 19 years old. He died in battle and was buried. with comrades near the Polish village they liberated, where a modest monument was erected in honor of Soviet heroes.

According to him, the Poles from this village sent small gifts to Nikolay’s mother as a token of gratitude, but later the monument was demolished, the bodies were exhumed and reburied in a mass grave without any name plates, “and this was part of a large-scale campaign of the anti-Russian Polish authorities. “Delete from the history of Poland all the heroic deeds of Soviet soldiers.”

The Russian diplomat called such a policy of the Polish authorities blasphemy and a crime against the truth.

Source: RIA Novosti

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