Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Criticizes US Temporary Budget for Ukraine: A Gamble that Will Not Change American Position

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: American Budget Gamble Won’t Change Stance on Ukraine

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov noted that Washington’s adoption of a temporary budget that does not provide funding for Ukraine is a gamble that will not change anything in the American position.

In a press statement on Monday, Ryabkov added that “everything that happens is a game for the public,” noting that Moscow “doesn’t care whether the American budget includes aid to Ukraine or not, because Washington will continue to support it.”

He explained that “you shouldn’t think that this will change anything, because this is just window dressing for the public and gossip,” and stated that “Washington’s focus on supporting its clients in Kiev does not change, and they will find money (for support for the Kiev regime).”

He said that Russia does not see any prospects for relations with the United States until the American administration changes its policy.

Yesterday, Sunday, US President Joe Biden signed a bill to fund the government until November 17 next year without allocating aid to Ukraine, after Congress approved it to avoid a government shutdown.

Source: RT

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