Russian defense: the people of Kiev settled in Madras, Donetsk and Odessa, and the bridges in Sumy were mined

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that Ukrainian Nazis holed up in schools in the Donetsk and Odessa regions, mined their entrances, set up sniper and shooting points, and also mined bridges in the Sumy region.

“In Shcherbinovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, near school No. 21 on Dzerzhinsky Street, Ukrainian nationalists prepared firing positions and sniper points, mined the paths leading to the building, while the residents were deliberately not informed about this,” the head of the Department of Internal Affairs said. This was announced on Monday by the Monitoring Center for National Defense of Russia Mikhail Mezintsev.

Mizintsev also noted that the Ukrainian army and the Regional Defense Forces are stationed at School No. 25 in Odessa, where they have placed artillery and heavy military equipment nearby.

“In Odessa, at school No. 25 along Akademika Filatov Street, in the immediate vicinity of the school, Ukrainian troops, regional defense forces, heavy equipment and artillery were deployed,” he said.

Mizintsev warned of the intention of the Ukrainian Nazis to blow up bridges in the Sumy region across the Kriga River, accuse Russian forces of delivering supposedly indiscriminate strikes, noting that “according to the usual scenario, this will be widely reported in the Ukrainian and Western media.”

Source: Russian Ministry of Defense.

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