Russian Ambassador to Estonia: West plans to supply weapons to Estonia to threaten St. Petersburg

Russian Ambassador to Estonia Vladimir Libaev said the West plans to provide Estonia with weapons that it can use as a threat to St. Petersburg in the future.

“The Anglo-Saxons were interested in creating an anti-Russian outpost” in Estonia for economic, political, cultural and military pressure, the ambassador added in a conversation with Solovyov Live on YouTube.

The ambassador continued: “Estonia is actively arming, but it is not clear why? It is planned to provide the latest types of conventional weapons capable of keeping St. Petersburg at gunpoint, and a medium-range missile defense system is being created. .”

On the other hand, Lebaev pointed out that the Estonian authorities were working to destroy and undermine relations with Russia.

“Our Estonian partners over the past year have been working to destroy our bilateral relations as much as possible and undermine any basis for their further development,” Lebaev said.

According to him, the Estonian side tried to complicate the work of the diplomatic mission as much as possible, including psychological pressure, as well as organizational obstacles – a ban on almost all financial activities and a ban on transferring funds to the embassy’s account.

He added that gatherings of rioters are constantly organized in front of the embassy.

Yesterday, the Estonian Foreign Ministry summoned Russian Ambassador to Tallinn Vladimir Libaev and handed him a memorandum on the need for Russia to reduce the number of employees of the embassy in Tallinn.

And the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement in connection with this and on diplomatic relations with Estonia, as it announced yesterday that the diplomatic level between Russia and Estonia was lowered in response to the anti-Russian measures of the Estonian authorities.

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