Russian Ambassador to Canada commented on allegations of non-delivery of turbines "Nord Stream"

Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov said that the demand of the “Canadian-Ukrainian Congress” of the Canadian authorities to expel Russian diplomats and not supply Nord Stream turbines is contrary to the interests of Canadians.

The ambassador added: “These calls are absurd and absurd. It is known that this Congress is dominated by the descendants of those who collaborated with the German Nazis in Ukraine, and they are trying to control and direct Canada’s foreign policy in an irrational direction, which, I believe, is incompatible with the national interests Canada and its people”.

The ambassador emphasized the lack of logic in the slogans of this “Congress”, whose actions cause blind hatred for everything Russian, and stressed the need for the treatment of members of this organization in psychiatric hospitals.

According to the ambassador, the Russian embassy and consulates general will continue their work, despite the difficult and complicated situation in Canada.

Earlier, representatives of this “congress” called on the Canadian authorities to expel Russian diplomats, calling them a “security threat” to the country, and called on Gazprom not to supply turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which is under repair. operations in Canada.

Source: RIA Novosti

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