Russian Ambassador in Vienna Affirms Continuation of Special Operation Goals in Ukraine

Russian Ambassador to Vienna Dmitry Lyubinsky said that Russia’s goals in the special military operation remain the same, that Ukraine should never pose a military threat and should not join “NATO”.

In an interview with the Austrian site exxpress, Lyubinsky said: “The goals of the special operation are what they are. Demilitarization of Ukraine, neutrality, ensuring the security and territorial integrity of Russia, including new territories. This means exactly that Ukraine should never put a military threat once.” And the country should not place nuclear weapons on its territory or become a member of NATO.

The diplomat added that all illegal actions that discriminate against the Russian language and Russian-speaking citizens should also be abolished. The ambassador explained that the same applies to any military actions and territorial claims against our country.

The ambassador stressed that the issue of mediation in Ukraine “is not considered decisive, but Russia is ready to consider constructive ideas from him.”

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