Russia and Egypt Strengthen Trade and Economic Relations: Russian Foreign Minister

Russia and Egypt Strengthen Trade and Economic Relations


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia and Egypt are working to strengthen trade and economic relations and are developing joint projects.

Anniversary Exhibition

The Russian minister’s statement came during the opening on Monday of an exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Egypt.

Expanding Trade and Economic Ties

He said: “We are working to rapidly expand trade and economic ties. The volume of trade between the two countries increased to $6 billion in 2022, which is about 30% more than in the previous year. The next meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission will be held in March 2023 on trade and economics, during which ‘We are making new decisions to further strengthen our joint projects.'”

Defending National Interests

He added: “We are seeing more and more attempts to legitimize the dominance of a narrow group of countries on the world stage, but, as happened in those years, countries that respect themselves and value their history and traditions are defending their right to independently determine the path of their development without any demands or prohibitions from the outside. ‘Choose your friends, and on these foundations, on the basis of respect for each other’s national interests, we are developing our strategic partnership with Egypt.'”


Source: RT

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