RT Interviews Expert on Macron’s Intentions Behind Tweeting Outside US Squadron

International relations professor Hamed Fares said that French President Emmanuel Macron’s declaration of European independence is not new, as Europe is fed up with the economic situation and American blackmail of the old continent.

The French President made the disturbing remarks on the sidelines of his visit to the Chinese capital, Beijing, in the presence of European Commission President Von Vander Leyen. The professor of international relations noted that the French president had many previous statements in which he criticized American policy in its relations with Europe, which always practices a policy of master and vassal and requires Europe to follow certain policies that are in America’s interests. by European countries.

Fares added: “The best example of this is the sanctions that hit Russia after the Ukrainian crisis, which was like being shot in the foot. Last December, Macron sternly warned Europe that it would fall prey to trade competition between Washington and Beijing and accused President Biden’s measures of pushing American industry aggressively at the expense of Europe and that these measures would inevitably lead to fragmentation of the West.

The international relations professor said the French president had accused US oil and gas companies of selling it to Europe for four times the price of their Russian gas, and had previously called for a “single European army” away from NATO and said NATO was clinically dead.

The professor of international relations continued that these sporadic statements, which have been repeated on many occasions, show us that Europe will not blindly follow America, especially since Europe has realized the magnitude of the strategic mistake it has made by following Washington in relation to Russia, be it creating a big gap in European-Russian relations or by signing Big Economic Sanctions against Russia in the first place, the currently suffering European peoples at all levels, and therefore these statements show a big shift in Europe towards recognizing that China has become an important pole in the world in addition to Russia and America.

Europe will not lose relations with China

And he added on this occasion: “Europe will not go in the same direction in which America pushed it to confront Russia, and will not lose its relations with China for the sake of America, which the West has realized as an unreliable ally. for China, it is Europe’s first and indispensable trading partner, and therefore European policy intends to change its relationship with it.

France seeks more influential role

Accordingly, according to Fares, China will be a “contact” in restoring Russian-European relations to the previous era, after the United States pursued a hostile policy towards Russia, motivated by historical hatred of it and an attempt to continue its hegemony to preside over the world unilaterally, and so this visit and the statements contained therein are a message. It is clear that a multipolar world exists and that France is looking for a more powerful role in the new world order away from American hegemony, which has greatly weakened the Europeans, and therefore she sees more interest in rapprochement with China than in continuing her rapprochement with America.

Source: RT

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