Ronaldo’s twin hit the spotlight in Saudi Arabia… Interesting details about the security guards "Don" personal! (Photo)

Portuguese twins Sergio and Jorge Ramalero garnered attention after his remarkable performance with new Saudi Al-Nasr club star Cristiano Ronaldo in Riyadh.

The twins are Ronaldo’s bodyguards, accompanying him on all his movements. They served as soldiers in the elite Portuguese special forces unit in Afghanistan and later joined the Portuguese police before specializing in protecting politicians and judges, which is why Ronaldo contracted them later in 2021.

The Portuguese newspaper The Flash reported that the twins asked the police for unpaid leave to devote themselves to protecting Ronaldo and his family.

Reports indicated that Ronaldo gave a $1.5 million annual salary to his former bodyguard ‘Nuno’, which is the amount each of the (twin) Ramalero brothers is expected to receive.

The Portuguese twins are distinguished by their beauty, which Ronaldo’s social media followers have noticed, as well as the elegance that catches the eye in all the pictures.

The Ramalero twins appear in most shots where the Portuguese star appears outside the stadium as he roams the streets or travels with his family as their mission is to accompany him wherever he goes.

Source: Pledge Times

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