Ronaldo will never again play for United and his new team "Surprise"

English journalist Piers Morgan believes that Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer play for Manchester United and has mentally prepared himself to leave the red team and claimed that his next destination will be completely unexpected.

“I’ve had a lot of calls over the past week and I definitely think it’s unlikely that Cristiano Ronaldo will play another match against Manchester United,” Piers Morgan told English radio station talkSport.

“If you are in his place, your career is coming to an end and you want to keep winning big trophies, you need to make a calculation, will you do it if you stay at United?”

He continued: “I just think mentally he left the team, I won’t reveal our conversation together, but as I said from the start, I don’t think Ronaldo feels that Manchester United share the same ambition.”

And he continued: “I think he feels that the signings and commitment that the club showed last season was not feasible, because the team was far from the Champions League. I think he feels that the structure of the club from top to bottom is not right.”

And he added: “This is not a reflection of the new coach. Ronaldo has a lot of respect for Tin Haeg, but that’s just an accurate reflection of where Manchester United are right now.

He also said: “It’s for him what he says what he feels, but if you ask me I don’t think he’ll stay at Manchester United, I think he could end up in some amazing place.” “.

Morgan, who gave an exclusive interview to Ronaldo in 2019, is known to be an avid Arsenal fan.

The 57-year-old journalist maintains a close relationship with Ronaldo and is trying to convince him that the Emirates Stadium will be the best place to start the next phase of his career.

“Arsenal fans who are listening should know that I am doing everything in my power to try and convince him to join the team,” Morgan said.

He added: “Considering that he was going to move to Arsenal when he was 18, he was going to sign Arsene Wenger and at the last minute Manchester United decided to sign him.”

Morgan concluded: “I think he will come home, he will be up front with Gabriel Jesus and Nikita, he will be a great offensive line for us, so why not?”

Since the end of May last year, several news have circulated linking Ronaldo with several clubs, most notably Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Spain, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, and all they refused to confirm their interest in concluding a contract with him. , so the five-time Ballon d’Or winner is limited to the middle of the summer transfer period.

Source: “Agency”

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