Ronaldo Celebrates Winning First Award in Saudi Stadiums

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, striker for Al-Nasr club, expressed his joy at receiving the Roshen Football League Player of the Year award in February last year, a first for him in Saudi stadiums.

Ronaldo tweeted, which he posted on his Twitter account: “I am delighted to receive the February Player of the Year Award in the Saudi Roshen League, hoping it will be the first among many! I’m proud to be part of this team.”

The Roshen League English account responded to Ronaldo’s “tweet” by saying “First full, very productive month in the Saudi Roshen League for Cristiano Ronaldo.”

The 38-year-old Portuguese veteran won the best game award last month after his high performance in four games for Al Alama.

So far, Ronaldo has scored 10 goals in Roshen league tournaments, as he has scored 8 goals and assisted others.

It is noteworthy that Cristiano Ronaldo joined the ranks of the Al-Nasr club at the end of December 2022 on a free transfer with a contract that is extended for two seasons until 2025.

Source: RT

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