Rivelazioni Stranee negli Stadi Italiani

In the match of the 33rd round of the third division of the Italian Football League between the teams Piacenza and Lecco, a strange incident occurred during the match, which took place at the Piacenza stadium.

This came after team striker Christian Bonino urinated on the pitch in front of everyone, prompting the referee to take immediate action.

The referee of the match decided to send off the player, despite the fact that he had not yet played in the match, as he was warming up before the coach asked him to come down to the stadium.

Despite the player’s attempt to hide and not show his actions, the flag bearer noticed this and reported this to the arena referee, who approached him and waved a straight red card in front of his face, as a result of which he was unable to enter the stadium.

Notably, the match ended in a goalless draw, leaving Piacensa at the bottom of the championship standings, with Lecco still in fourth place.

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