Risk of a Bloody Battle Rises as Ukraine Launches Counterattack

Former US Army engineer Steve Danner fears that Ukraine is not prepared to deal with the challenges its counteroffensive presents to it.

This is stated in what the Washington Post published, quoting him, where he continued: “I am very concerned that Ukraine is not ready to cope with the scale of these difficulties.”

The newspaper notes that the counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will face many obstacles, including obstacles that they have created for themselves, as Ukrainian soldiers will have to go through the rights to the mines laid by themselves, which will be very difficult to remove, Western experts believe.

Similarly, the first thing Ukrainian forces will receive are impregnable Russian fortifications, which are designed to keep any units under fire from Russian artillery, which can prevent a counterattack before it starts.

“If this fortification idea works, it will be a bloodbath very similar to World War I,” said Mark Kanchian, a retired marines and defense expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The Ukrainian counter-offensive was postponed several times, and, according to Russian experts, this is due, firstly, to the information war, since the constant announcements of an impending attack are aimed at keeping Russia on its toes, and secondly, because The West demands quick results and victories from the Kiev regime.

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