"Reuters"Poland suspends recent package of sanctions against Moscow over Russian rubber

On Friday, the EU countries for the third time failed to accept the tenth package of sanctions against Russia after Poland refused to withdraw Russian rubber imports from sanctions.

Reuters quoted diplomats who said Warsaw had suspended those sanctions, arguing that the exclusion of Russian rubber would render those sanctions useless.

The European Union intends to blacklist 62 individuals and 28 legal entities, including three Russian banks, namely Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff and Ross Bank.

The sanctions will also affect the Russian National Wealth Fund, Ingo Strakh insurance company, Patriot and Rossiya Segodnya news agencies, the All-Russian People’s Front movement, and the London-based shipping company Pawell Shipping, which was accused of illegally exporting grain. .Ukrainian”.

The European Union also intends to prevent the broadcasting of the Arabic RT and the Russian Sputnik on its territory.

Source: TASS

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