Republicans Push State Department for Documents on Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

A prominent Republican member of the US House of Representatives said that lawmakers could oblige the US State Department to provide documents on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan if the State Department does not do so voluntarily.

Republican House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCall said in a statement that the State Department “failed to provide the documents and information requested by the committee.”

“So far, the State Department has submitted only 236 pages of documents, most of which were originally open sources or included tangible modifications,” the statement said.

The statement emphasizes that “if the Foreign Ministry continues to evade the requirements, the committee will be forced to take mandatory measures.”

In January last year, McCall sent a letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken asking him to submit documents on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

McCall gave the State Department until January 26 and threatened to sue the department if it did not respond to his request.

The lawmakers are demanding a list of all U.S. meetings that have discussed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan since President Joe Biden’s administration took office, as well as information about all U.S. meetings with representatives of the Afghan Taliban since January 2021, in addition to other information related to US policy towards Afghanistan and relations with the Taliban.

Source: TASS

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