Report: Israel prepares militarily and conducts exercises to counter possible missile attacks on its economic waters

The Israeli website Walla, citing security officials, reported that the Israeli army has conducted exercises in recent months on scenarios of possible missile strikes against targets in Israel’s economic waters.

According to Hebrew media, the statements by the Israeli security forces were made in response to threats from Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, who said that the party is capable of attacking all Israeli gas platforms in the Mediterranean Sea. , not just the Karish platform.

In its report, the site said that “the Israeli security apparatus has increased its level of alert amid problems and delays in negotiations between Lebanon and Israel regarding the demarcation of maritime borders, access to the Karish platform and intention to pump gas from it next September.”

It was stated that “in order to protect Israeli gas platforms and interests in the maritime sphere, a multilateral forum was created, which included the Ministry of Security, the Navy, the Department of Military Operations, the Israeli Air Force, the Israeli Army Northern Command and the intelligence community in order to prepare for a possible assassination attempt with side of Hezbollah. “Conducting a military operation or provocation against Israel, or compromising the operation to pump gas.”

Security officials explained that “the head of military intelligence, General Aharon Kheliva, has committed forces and resources to counter threats in the maritime arena and protect economic waters,” according to Wall.

Walla said, according to his information, that “the Israeli Air Force has conducted a number of exercises in recent months in which the forces have trained to counter various units with strikes using ‘cruise missiles’, precision-guided missiles and rockets,” and that “this is expected to happen.” within the next month.” Additional large-scale simulation naval training will be combined with technological improvements.”

Security officials noted that “the defense ships have been adapted to various potential threats from Lebanon, Gaza and Syria”, while “Israeli Navy rejects any criticism and allegations of problems with alacrity and emphasizes that the Saar 5 ship is capable of protecting Karesh platform from all threats and will stay as close to the platform as possible.”

It is noteworthy that “99% of Israeli exports are from the sea, and fears in the security apparatus are not limited to harming only gas platforms, but also the freedom of Israeli maritime economic activity, as an average of 5,900 ships enter Israel annually from the sea, 53% of which comes to the port of Haifa, which was threatened by Hezbollah, and 90% of wheat is delivered to Israel by ship,” the Hebrew media reported.

Source: “I24”

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